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Creative Writing Workshops Reddit

Honestly, workshops (often free) can provide the core value of any writing community: the ability to critique (yourself and others) and to improve your work based on critique; the courage to show your work; and the awareness to know where your writing stands.

  • I would often cut sentences when I write and my teacher told me that it is because I lack self-confidence in my writing. Now, I am going to participate in an essay competition and I already showed my teacher my plan and the introduction, which she said was creative and to "go on". I've written about half of my essay but I do not like the way it is.

  • I’m looking for a place where I can do some creative writing based on prompts that are given every week or every month and we work on a new prompt after. Maybe some sharing would be cool too. But lately I’m missing the creativity I used to have when I took film classes back in school and I would write short films based on prompts our teacher would give us.

  • Hi all, does anyone know of any in-person creative writing workshops currently offered? Having difficulty finding one! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Search within r/AskNYC. r/AskNYC. Log In Sign Up. User account menu.

Creative Writing Workshops Reddit - Essay Help 24x7

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