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We Are INFIT - The Story Behind
Team Talk

We are a small but energetic team of sports instructors and sports enthusiasts brought together by the special dynamics in Luxembourg that has also created a sports scene here that is exceptionally rich and vibrant in Europe.


We believe that this diversity together with the increasing demand for more personal sportswear design can be best matched by the unique brands and limited collections offered by small European manufacturers. Our goal is to make these products available in Luxembourg.


We are convinced that the perfect sportswear lets all personalities shine without compromising on functionality and quality. We want to inspire everyone to lead an active life by showing that feeling at your best while doing sports makes it pure fun.

We know what we are talking about

What is sports for you? For us, it is our lifestyle, it is our passion.


Being sports instructors and sports enthusiast ourselves, we pledge on reliable sportswear that satisfies the individual needs of each discipline. We love our brands because they have been developed and tested by trainers who know exactly what we need.

We do not compromise

Just like in sports, we never stop striving for more in our enterprise. We constantly look for the latest innovations that strike a balance between optimal functionality, ultimate comfort and cutting-edge design. We promise to find you your best match that will leave you with a ‘Wow!’

We are responsible

That is why in our store, you will find brands made in Europe. We respect the people we work together through the whole chain of production and we respect the environment. Watch out for our recycling campaigns and other environmental actions.

We believe everyone is special

Gone are the days of uniform sportswear or ragged T-shirts and pants used for training just because they are your favourites. We believe that everyone should feel great, be attractive and be able to express their personality, even at the gym. Turn your back on boredom and be the colour to the grey.

We are here for you

You will find plenty of advice on our website that will help you choose the best fit for your sport, your shape, your image or your even your mood. ;) You cannot find what you are looking for or you have something different in mind? No worries. Pass by our shop to tell us what you want, what you like and what you don’t like. We work closely together with our manufacturers who are open to fulfil personal requests in production, whether your wish is a special size or a unique look.

Be the colour to the grey!

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