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My Xmas Escape

Our surprise for you on the Third Sunday of Advent |

Do you have the feeling that the big year-end rush is carrying you away?

Are you looking forward to enjoying the peaceful days of Christmas when you finally have the time to light a candle and listen inside?

It's only up to you when you create such moments for yourself. Remember: taking a short break from time to time and maintaining your regular training are gold.

Preserve your balance and fitness to face the challenges! Pick your favourite yoga suit, take your mat and immerse into calmness for a few hours, also in these crazy weeks.

Let us help you to find your balance again: enjoy up to 20% off on every collection in the Yoga line of Infit Store on the 3rd Sunday of Advent. We are exceptionally open from 10h to 15h to welcome you this Sunday.

Come and look around in our shop to find the set for your personal Christmas escape!

Sunny regards,

Infit Store's Team

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